>> Monday, September 1, 2008

Mom and Dad left about an hour ago. We are tired and ache all over. Dad and Lanse pressure washed the house, driveway, and sidewalk; cleaned/pressure washed the gutter; moved furniture; Dad ran the carpet shampooer on all the carpets, strung and painted our TV cable to the 15 ft livingroom ceiling, reinstalled the front windowsill and edgings, replaced (and taught us about, cuz we're kinda house-stoopid) our AC filter; climbed up into the attic to investigate air conditioning, fan venting, and beam supports; they went shopping for groceries three separate times, and made a run to Home Depot; Dad cooked us a burger dinner last night. We also fit in a movie!

Mom and I spent Saturday shopping and planning colors; found some carpets, and bought all our curtain supplies (and the carpets) on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Each panel/scarf was listed at $70 and we got them for $20 each, except the one panel that was marked at $10. We spent the weekend cutting them apart and putting them back together and making curtains. We also hung a couple of pictures that had been propped up and moved a lot of furniture.

The walls still need to be painted; we're aiming at a very light yellow. The red we currently have clashes with what we just did, but that'll be more incentive to get our paint groove on.

Pictures really don't do it justice; firstly, the curtains are crushed voile, floaty white stuff that don't photograph very well. Secondly, it's a 15 ft ceiling in a room where it's hard to stand back far enough for the camera to get it all in. So I've done my best. Enjoy!

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After


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