Dream Wedding

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last night I got married... again.

I was standing on the raised level at the front of the sanctuary with Lanse next to me. It was a very small church, it was very dark, there was a breeze, and apparently it was rather loud from the wind or some kind of white noise. There were just a few people in the audience, but I know my folks were there somewhere. The pastor was elderly, of the type who is generally fun to know but at that moment was rather bored. He kept giving me the lines of the vows to repeat, but I couldn't hear him. After saying "WHAT?" half a dozen times, I decided if I couldn't hear him, they couldn't hear me, and I mumbled through it. It was hard to finish, because Lanse kept hugging me. He put the ring on my finger, which was enormous (the ring, not the finger) and looked something like this:

Except that it had three slightly smaller black stones across, and the sides were smooth with more of a white gold look instead of a silver. So really nothing like that at all. Lanse put the ring on my finger, and we turned to be introduced to everyone; we forgot to kiss until the last second because he was still hugging me enthusiastically. As we kissed everyone clapped and got up and started to leave without waiting for us. So we wandered down to the first pew and stood around awkwardly. We followed the group toward the doors, and I showed the ring to my mother, who didn't like it because it was too big. I remember how much I really did like the ring, and it felt really good even if it was too big.

Outside the church it was very dim and everything was covered in wind-blown snow. We were in the middle of nowhere, in a 'Little House on the Prairie in the winter' sense, but we had the idea that there had been a catastrophe that left it that way, that there were things missing. To the left was a carport, where there was one guy running towards us. Everyone who had left the church ahead of us had vanished. Wouldn't you know it, there were zombies on the way.

We turned and went back into the church into a side room that was like the Fellowship Hall in our church in NY, except that it was also a convenience store. There were a few people in there, and everyone was panicking and buying up food and water to go into hiding. I looked around in there, realized Lanse wasn't with me, and went back to find him running back outside because he couldn't get cell reception in the church and he wanted to call people and warn them. I saw him running through the blinding snow towards the carport, and the other guy running towards him....

And I woke up. Never did see the zombies.


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