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>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Wednesday I arrived where they truly understand what the word "winter" means. A snowstorm hit the Twin Cities the night before my flight, causing no delays because they know what to do with it. It's very cold and very white. It's fabulous. I have enjoyed sights such as:

Kisha and AM picked me up from the airport, and we had lovely stop-and-stop traffic back to a lovely Greek restaurant, and then to their house. I saw the light rail for the first time. Zoom zoom. Enjoyed their home and their baby and their kittencats. Their guest bathroom is directly next to the furnace and was Oh so cozy. For some reason I spent most of my time there trying to remember I was not in Chicago.

Thursday I went to my best friend Julia's house and hung out until we went over to Sara's house for supper. It's been a very emotional trip for me, as my environment has changed me over the last ten years and I've become someone who doesn't quite feel like me. I met Julia before 4th grade, we can't quite remember when exactly, and she's more like my sister than anything. Sara and I met via a third party way back in elementary school, and we were pen pals throughout childhood. She lived in Wisconsin, so we didn't see each other often, but would spend a week in the summer at each other's houses. She's loads of fun. She's since gotten married and moved here to the TC, so we had dinner at her home, where her husband cooked us a lovely stir fry and nearly all of their floors are heated. I keep standing on linoleum floors other places now and being surprised that they're cold.

Friday Julia and I got holiday mint coffees from Caribou and went to her mom's house to bake Christmas cookies! We made sugar cookies, peanut blossoms, Russian tea cakes, and pecan tartlets, and it was loads of fun.


Became this:
And we had photo fun:And also this:

And a few other things. It was quite wonderful. And filling, too. My blood sugar has not been too pleased with me, though my sense of taste is quite satisfied! In the evening I went over to Kellie's and saw Up. It's fabulous and horrible and happy and sad and frustrating and amazing all at the same time. I cried and I laughed. It moved me.

Saturday I went to Erin's for ErinCon 2009, or some such something. Lunch was lovely BBQ made by Pete and Erin and wonderful brownies from Ris and Chris and Piper. All the photos there were taken by others and I haven't gotten my copies yet. But there was much laughter and silliness and more cats.

Erin brought me to stay with Kellie at K's parent's house. My house through junior high and high school shares a back yard with them, and I spent much of my time here. I'm very much at home and I'm grateful that they let me come and stay with them. In the evening we went to her dad's Christmas concert, including wine and cheese and chocolate. It was really quite amazing, and made the holiday Perfectly Right.

Sunday I wrote a paper in the morning while Kellie sang at a gig with her choir, and then we went over to her friend Kathy's for Indian curry and Bollywood. It's an interesting genre of movie, kind of art film meets musical meets foreign cultural something. It's subtitled, and has it's own unique template for what makes one work. I enjoy it, but it's something to do with others who enjoy it, so I've never branched out on my own with it. We had a great time. In the evening, Julia came over again and we just sat around and talked and ate cookies. Kellie spun her roving into yarn while we talked, so it was also educational!

Yesterday my high school friend Todd and I hung out, got burgers, and watched movies. We tend to become very silly, and most of the photos I took are of things like the restaurant ceiling and our shoes, so I'll spare everyone the trauma.

So far today I've gotten up and had lovely conversation with Kel's mom about teaching and writing, and I've spent hours now writing this post. At 2:00 the neighbor will come over to visit and then I'll go chill out with Todd a bit before Kel gets home. I may go out to the choir dinner with her, but haven't decided. Then it's back to the airport bright and early in the morning.


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