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>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now, obviously this doesn't occur with every piece of junk. There are some pieces of junk that just don't take any efforts to hide their purpose, or misspell things, or try to be at all creative with what they are really up to. And when I say "junk", I mean "spam", at least for these purposes. But some of the subject lines of the stuff I get filed to my spam folder can be taken with more than one meaning.* Here are three examples from the past week that provided me some moments of amusement. (Brief, but moments nonetheless.)

1. "High Quality Pills At LowPirce" I have no idea what a LowPirce is, but I imagine this photo could be related. Looks like a high quality pill to me:

2. "Married women looking to meet new people" Considering the great number of friends who have had babies this summer, this one makes some sense.

And finally, one of my favorites:

3. "Wild Hot Dates Await you this weekend" I'd be interested to know the kind of person who would go to this much trouble for a weekend. Or maybe I wouldn't.

Looks pretty wild and hot to me, and those are definitely dates!

* Be careful when doing this on your own time. Some things, when taken literally, only make it worse.


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