Pierce Family Dream 2

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Once again I dreamed of the Pierce family! Apparently I'm thinking about them a lot. Hallo, Pierce family! *wave*

This time I was visiting, and unfortunately I was not wearing much. Obviously, they disapproved. So Moira and I went to her room, where Christopher and Bennett were asleep on her bed, and we went through her clothes to find me a pair of shorts. She only had one, though, and it was pink and she was wearing them, so we found a gray skirt that she was willing to share with me. It had zippers on opposite sides and we figured out we could zip them together and make shorts out of them. They were comfy. Sometime in there my cousin Kelly (at the age of about 10) snuck in and sat and watched us for a bit and then left again.

Mo and I sat on the second floor landing and painted miniatures for a little bit; hers was fantastic and I was so proud! Then Heidi called her for something, and I wandered down into the family room, where there were tan couches filled with tired gamers drinking soda. They had apparently had some run-ins with the GMs upstairs and were pouting.

I went up to the game room to set up for my game. There was a large group of people at rectangular tables all set around in a cube. Apparently we were all playing the same board game, but it was like the traveling D&D stuff where you join a club and you can use your character in any event across the country (unless it's dead). Whatever we were playing now started with a B. I was late, and received the most horrid glare from the DM, who stopped and said, "Well? Are we waiting for you?" And I was "Um... no, go ahead, I'll catch up" and he got pissy and asked again, and I said "Yes, I'll play," but they weren't willing to let me set up. At that point I got upset that it was one of THOSE games, and then said, "NO, I'm not playing," and cleaned up my game. (There was a fun jungle map on my game board, and I had little pieces like from Sorry, except they looked cool.)

From there I stalked out into the lobby hallway area and found some teenager gamer chick taking the minis that Mo and I had painted from the landing shelf. I didn't care about mine, she could have it... but I was all, "Are you taking that small pink girl mini? A 5 year old little girl painted that, and this is her house... YOU want to deal with a screaming 5 year old little girl's mommy? HUH???" and she gave it back to me.

Everything faded out after a while, though this time I didn't wake up right away.

One of the fun things about my dreams is that I always know exactly how the environment is constructed, even if it doesn't make sense. I have a folder stuffed with floor plans of buildings that my dreams took place in. So here's last night's Pierce Family Home (and no, apparently they had no bathroom):


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