Yankee's First Hurricane

>> Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This week is entitled "Eyes on Hanna." It had to happen sometime, so why not when life is already stressful? Emotionally it's been a roller coaster so far, and that's all in the anticipation. We really have NO idea what to expect, and no one telling us anything can really give us the correct impressions... not to mention that everyone's handling it in different ways, which adds to our stress. We ask people what to do, and one person says the world is ending and get out of town, the next person shrugs and says "Eh, it's rain. I plan to read a book." Flipping endlessly between panic and relief for days on end really unsettles the stomach!

Someone needs to come up with one of these:

but for hurricanes. Put a few tropical islands in there, maybe, and definitely some airborne livestock. Title it "Yankee's First Hurricane". I think it'd sell.

Lanse added some things to our calendar to help us prepare:

He also mentioned that at his office, which is a dotcom made of almost entirely recent Northern transplants, they're comparing notes on preparedness kits, how many gallons of water and batteries they have, what the evac routes are, and a guy was going around with a video camera recording all the company property for insurance purposes. It sounded rather like this:

On the other hand, this is basically what our neighbors, who have all grown up in the area, are doing to prepare:

On the third hand, (which I'd love to borrow if anyone's got extra third hands,) Walmart was entirely cleaned out of two aisles of water last night. And Spaghetti-Os, for whatever reason. I mean really, maybe you're just not a real Southerner if you're willing to sit out a hurricane without a can of Spaghetti-Os...


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