>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

We found out this evening that a friend of ours is going in tomorrow for an MRI to check for a brain aneurysm. Apparently he's been having horrible headaches; he normally does get migraines, and says these are totally different and a hundred times worse. So the plan is that if they do the scan and find nothing, he'll go to a neurologist; if they do the scan and find something, they'll wheel him to an operating room.

I hate living so far away from our friends. At least he's got a sense of humor; we spent at least twenty minutes of comic relief with a variety of brain jokes. Seriously, the worst that could come out of this is that they don't find anything wrong... but they do manage to use the MRI to steal his secret plans for world domination. Or something.


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Life is about changes; transitions from one place to another, from one purpose to another, from one being to another. They say that the person you are today is a completely different person from who you were ten years ago and who you'll be ten years from now. So far, at the age of 33, I've had four major transitions in my life which redefined who I am. Two years into the results of the most recent transition I am again - still - exploring how God is shaping me. Over the next few months I hope to review my past and set goals for the future, and embrace the next adventure of rediscovering me.

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