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>> Monday, September 15, 2008

I am currently angry at yogurt. (Yogurt is cultures, right?) Anyway, Way Back When I had bloodwork done and discovered a: pre-diabetes and b: a need for more calcium. I've never liked milk or cheese, even as a kid... at least the milk, I don't remember what I thought of cheese. Yogurt was okay, but we (Lanse and I) just never bought it. So anyway, being told that I really have to be more adult now and eat it anyway, we went comparison shopping for yogurt. Another important point here is that I don't consume Aspartame because of how badly it affected my mother. So for over a year we've been enjoying the only yogurt on the shelf that is low-fat and low-carb and aspartame-free.

Wouldn't you know, now it's got an ALL NEW IMPROVED FLAVOR! Created by... you got it... aspartame. So while I've tried to increase my intake of cheese in my dishes (though that screws with fat levels), and I do my best to choke down at least a glass or two of milk a week (icky, nasty stuff makes me queasy!), I now no longer get to have my one or two doses of yogurt daily.

Maybe I should increase my low-fat, low-carb ice cream intake....


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