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>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

My father works for Habitat for Humanity. A couple times a year they have "Blitz Week" when they gather up as many volunteers as possible - church groups like to do this - and try to build xteen houses in one area in a week. It's insane!

Well, my parents will arrive this afternoon around 1:00, and we're having our very own crazy blitzy house-project weekend. We have two long lists of things to do... everything from pressure-washing the house, balancing the AC, and repairing torn porch screen, to gardening, rearranging furniture and hanging curtains. They'll be here until Monday morning, so hopefully we'll get a lot done.

They also are bringing their super deluxe carpet (and floor) scrubber machine. In preparation, we started moving furniture around to get the carpet clear. We decided since we had loads of dead space in the bedroom but didn't want to sacrifice having a master bath (turning the large room into a den), we're using the extra space for our library. I'm still torn as to whether I'll sleep worse this way because I'm surrounded by adventures I want to have, or whether I'll sleep a lot better in the security of being surrounded by friends. It took Lanse and me about two hours to move three 6 ft bookcases (and books) from the office to the bedroom, having moved furniture around to fit it and cleaned the hardwoods before moving them in. We have great plans for the rest of the room, but way too much junk that we feel we could feasibly do without, but may need in the future. Extra pieces of furniture we don't need now but will when we talk about furnishing a kid's room and haven't any extra money to start from scratch.

So we will make decisions today and go shopping and get to work and see what our home feels like by Monday afternoon. Hopefully much warmer and more cohesive.

I love looking at floor plans, so here's one I tossed together in Paint of our house. The weird cross-hatchy things are windows, the stairs go up to a loft, but I drew the garage that's on the ground floor under the loft. There's so much work I want to do on this in the future, like adding windows and possibly pushing out the two back bedrooms a couple of feet, but that's all really major in the cost department so probably won't happen. That's okay.


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