Travels, Friends, and Hurricane Dreams

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anyone who's been around me for very long knows that I have very interesting and vibrant dreams. I call them my Hollywood Dreams, because they usually have solid plot lines and old school Technicolor. I quite enjoy them.

Last night, I dreamed that Lanse and I were renting a ground-floor flat in London, which was surprisingly like the house we own, except for being very narrow and two-story with only one bedroom. It was an end unit on a central square, lovely tall brownstone building. In the center of the square was a green park with benches and trees with little shops and old buildings all around. It was very gray and damp, much like London should be.

I woke up early and met a man in the lobby who traveled there in our group, and he led me around the square to the flat where the Pierce family lived above their store. I couldn't tell what they were selling, since it had started raining and was early enough to make the whole scene rather dim. Christopher and Moira met me at the door, and Kit came down the back stairs with baby Joseph. There were greetings and hugs all around, and I headed back to get Lanse.

As I waited for him to get ready, I stood in the kitchen with a cup of coffee looking out across the wide backyard to the ocean. The wind and rain were picking up and swirling things around, and the waves were getting higher and higher and crashing against the beach. People were scurrying around trying to get out of the storm. As Lanse came down into the dining room, I looked out to see a large passenger ship going up the coast, shiny white and red with great round porthole windows. A massive wave crashed over the top and pulled it under, and I could see it go down and up and down again into the water, which I could see through quite clearly. It was headed forward (and out of sight) very quickly; I had the idea it came up again, but I shouted out, "The ship is sinking!" and Lanse yanked open the back door and ran down to the beach.

Suddenly the world turned gray out the window, rain plastering against the house, and the trees in the yard next to us bent all the way over and the tops were stripped of leaves, and I couldn't see Lanse on the beach anymore. I went to the door and screamed over and over for him, and then the wind calmed down and he walked towards me.... and I woke up.


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