Malfoy vs. the Doctor

>> Monday, October 6, 2008

As we skidded the blue van into the parking lot we could hear the screams announcing we'd arrived at the right place. We finalized our plan, jumped out of the van, and took off running. The Doctor and someone else went around the corner of the building and into the main University offices lobby. I was trying to keep up, but had this enormous fake book slung over my shoulder and it kept banging into my knees. By the time I rounded the corner for the stairs, they had vanished into the building (which, incidentally, was nice rich brownstone and brick, three-stories, entrance on the second, with crenelations and towers in the facade, but unfortunately no neat tower rooms. There's a floor plan at the end).

Since the book is vaguely important later on, here's what it looked like:

The idea had been that we'd get there before the bad guys, and I was supposed to be posing as a student. (The book was supposed to look like a textbook; it was part of the Sneaky Disguise). Obviously, we'd timed things wrong... so I skipped the fake student thing and went on with my mission! I had a mission... though I don't think it was ever clear what it was. I snuck up the stairs towards the front door and peeked in to see two small explosions go off in various parts of the lobby, and a blond scary guy with a gun standing near the door facing in, so he didn't see me.

All the bad guys were scary blond men along the lines of the kind of Russian spy type you might see on original Die Hard or other 80s explosion movies. This particular group was run by Mr. Draco Malfoy, as seen here: (Image taken from a google images search from someone's blog, but I do know it's an official photo from the new movie coming July, 09!)

Getting back to the plot, after watching the scary blond gunmen for a minute or two and taking general notice of the construction and layout of the room, I edged back to the corner of the stair and scanned the courtyard for any sign of the Doctor. While I had my book thing slung backwards, and my eyes facing forward, a kinda sleazy student thief-for-pay snuck up behind the stairwell, reached into the cover of my book, and stole my microchip! There was a break in the action as he got away, and I sat in the stairwell "guarding" and waiting.

After a bit I heard Malfoy's voice saying, "Ahhhh... the Doctor!" and somehow I knew that he'd gotten the microchip, and knew it was alien, and suddenly realized his doom was at hand! All the scary blond bad guys ran for the end of the courtyard, just as the Doctor came up behind me. I started in with, "I'm sorry, he got the chip, I couldn't stop him..." and there was a HUGE explosion at the end of the courtyard. Draco stopped and looked back, laughed an evil laugh, said something like "You've not seen the last of me!!" and vanished around the corner.

Then there was a break and some snogging. And then I woke up.

For a bit of a visual aid, I created the following Dream Event Map. Enjoy!


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