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>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

It was evening, and Audra and Beanie had already arrived. We were just waiting for Kendy and possibly one other person to stay for the weekend. But it was late, so I said good night. Then it was morning, and I asked what everyone wanted for breakfast. I explained that yesterday was the last day of our budgeted month and we had no food at all, but we could all go on a big shopping spree now that we have more money, and we could make pancakes or waffles, or eggs, or whatever. Aud, who was sitting on the coffee table, was concerned that it would use up all our money for the month. She's so sweet. "But," we exclaimed, "we don't need cheese!" Because there were five or six small blocks of varying cheeses, still packaged, sitting on the beige sofa next to me. Some of them had red on the labels. From her lounging spot on the couch, Beanie agreed that cheese was very important.

Kendy wasn't up yet, and Aud and Beanie were still sleepyish (Aud was still in the sweats and t-shirt she'd slept in, and Beanie had on zip-up footsie jammies, peach colored I think). While they were in the kitchen talking about something, I went out on the porch where my mom and Audra's dad were having coffee and talking. Audra's dad in my dream was Carl Winslow from Family Matters, except that he was a lawyer instead of a cop, and he was explaining something legal about something I don't remember anymore. I was under the impression that, as if we were twelve or something, he'd come to pick up Audra from her sleepover, but was fine hanging around until she was ready to go.

I decided that I'd go to church with my folks and then hit the store on the way back. We (mom, dad, and I) went to Wooddale Church, which had changed a bit... there was a bunch of the dream about the service and getting lost wandering in the halls, and Lanse was in one scene as we were leaving, which was just us walking through hallways and passing tables with brochures on them. Something specific happened that meant we were leaving quickly, but I don't remember what. So dad, mom and I get out to the parking lot and go over to where we'd parked our bright blue Mazda hatchback. The car in that spot was indeed the same bright blue, but it wasn't our car. So we started asking questions of the construction guys across the aisle who were up on one of those long arm bucket things fixing a spot light. They had no idea where our car went, but since our key fit we decided to figure out the error later. So I was driving home to my company (no parents... weird...) through this small town, and I stopped for some reason...

Yeah, it gets really blurry then, there's a chase and a possibly drugged up cousin, and a flight of stairs... and bicycles?



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