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>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've always been one of those people who has a gazillion acquaintances and maybe one or two really close friends. Throughout school I tended to only have one super-close friend at a time; at least until I went to college. Now, thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, these friends are reappearing. I'm glad, because I keep having dreams about them. It's like my 'past life' (pre-Wheaton life) is haunting my subconscious. So I'd like to kinda tie off... or pick up... the loose ends.

Last... March?... I got back in touch with my friend Amy from Elementary and Junior High, and she and her husband actually came to visit. That was cool. And Amy got me hooked back up with Emily. Then last week I got email through Facebook from Karen, who was my best friend in Fourth and Fifth Grades.

To complete my MN pre-high school "friends list" I think I'm missing Jana and Kevin. I kept in touch with most of my High School friends, most of whom are still my best friends. The only folk I'm missing are Jill and Mishaun. *hrm* Pre-MN would probably just be Carol, but we were friends before my memory really kicked in; I mostly know we were friends from the photographs and the baretts I still have that mom said she gave me when we were five. Everyone else from IL (pre-2nd Grade) who were my friends actually went to college with me, so we're all set there.

So, if anyone knows how to find Carol, Mishaun, Jill, Kevin, or Jana, feel free to let me know. I've started the searches!

(Why is it that reunion sites and networking places that let you put in your schools don't go any lower than High School? What if I want to find my best friend from when I was twelve? So not fair.)


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