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>> Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm geeky.  You all probably already suspected as much, but I tend to geek out a little bit about a lot of things in a small way, so it's not always obvious.

One way I like to geek out is with family records.  Thanks to the kind work of the folks at LDS, their free software lets me have loads of fun.  The rest of this post are two large images which, I hope, you'll be able to click on to see larger.  Possibly not.  But maybe so.  Try it and find out!  [I have more names than this, I have all sorts of sibling information as well as what's shown here... but adding everyone made the images seriously enormous, so I just stuck with the direct lines. Because of that, you may not find all the names on my "favorite names" list on the image.]

If you are family and have more accurate notes (or records for family that we haven't got on here) PLEASE let me know!! I am sorely lacking in records for Bassemirs, Devores, Sabathnes, Nelsons, and Kletzings.

My favorite names:
Women: Zybah, Temperance, Artimetia, Arabella, Appolonia, Isabel, Amelia, Sanna, Lasca, Cathalina
Men: William Imrie (Imrie was also used for Merlin!), Garrit

Oldest dates* in the Lanse Tryon Family:
John Talcot, b. 1562
Rebecca Tryon, b. 1619
William Tryon, b. 1645
*I have the Tryon family going back five generations earlier than this, but none of them have dates.

Oldest dates in the Jessica Sabathne Family:
Lauritz Pederson Brix, b. 1634
William Gamblin, b. 1775


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