>> Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday was a very lovely day. I got older. :)

Lanse woke me up nicely, and I went to Publix to get some breakfast goodies for my Bible Study group. The people at the store seemed to know it was my birthday, (not really) but they were really nice and the bagger hauled things for me and gave me extra pieces of firewood and even held my car door for me, like a chauffeur. I felt special. Then I went to buy a mocha, cuz I haven't in a while, and I ended up with a NINJA MINT mocha. Cuz I'd only ordered a regular sugar-free and the coffee girl thought I'd ordered mint. She offered to change it, but I like mint so I kept it. It wasn't bad. Mint was so sneaky!

Bible Study was great, we ate birthday strudel and strawberries and they sang to me, and we talked about Job and everyone checked in on life. This group is amazing. We seem to also spend a good deal of time discussing how wonderful the group is; maybe I should whip up some Mutual Admiration Society cards.

Anyway, I came home and spent all afternoon playing on my silly new game addiction, Puzzle Pirates. It's one of those games that have lots of real people playing at once, and we're pirates, but like... when ships attack each other and we sword fight, we go one on one in a game of Tetris. So they make like... sailing is one kind of game, gunning is another, bilging and carpentry are others... and so on. So I wasted my day happily. Also, while I did that I was also listening to a lecture from school on social networking. Kinda boring, it was basically an introduction to Linkedin and Facebook and things. Took the quiz at the end which told me that I have an excellent online persona in regards to it helping (or not hurting) my professional goals. This is good.

Then my JULIA called me! I miss my bestest friend ever, she's in frozen Minnesota. So we talked for a while and everything's good. I'd been calling and just missing her for a while, so it really was the best birthday present ever.

Speaking of birthday presents, Lanse gave me Stardust the movie, which we'll probably watch tonight. Yay! Except he's on call... so I don't know.

Lanse took me to dinner at Tomatoes, an Italian restaurant that I like. The appetizers and desserts are excellent, and the atmosphere makes me feel completely at home and at peace, which is really weird. However, this is the second time we've been and the second main course that really didn't impress me at all. We had porcini crusted scallops for apps, veal marsala for main, and dessert was a really good thing I can't pronounce that had a custard on a thick biscuit crust with blackberries and raspberries and one other berry on top. It was really good.

When I went to Publix I'd gotten a bundle of firewood just for my birthday. I know it's not cost effective at all compared to actually buying a cord from somewhere. But I was in a hurry. So we spent the evening after dinner playing computer games/reading in the living room while messing with fire. I also talked to my brother and my mom, and a friend from church too. And then we went to bed late.

It was a great day.


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