No need for resolutions

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

Off and on this year I've been trying to get myself to exercise because I feel like a slug and my blood sugar would be helped as well. I kept trying little things that I've never liked doing because my grown-up brain thought that I should. It's the stuff New Year's resolutions are made of. Of course, that never works.

But now, my health woes are at a end-of-the-middle with the return of my beloved bicycle from the basement shop of Lanse's Uncle Chuck. She's a Schwinn from the 70s, with all the lovely retro shapes, and coaster brakes. Ta da!

Yes, she is in a rather sad shape, but Uncle Chuck fixed the wheels and replaced that silver part under the handlebars that joins up with the pink bit. It was originally too narrow and wobbled around a lot. Everything that needs doing right now is aesthetic - except for replacing the seat, which is now slightly too low; it's very functional, and I rode it around the block this afternoon. Let me say right now that eight years is much too long to keep muscles in any sort of shape. But I enjoy riding my bike, so there's an incredibly good chance that I'll finally start exercising.

So, part of next month's budget will go towards a new seat, some higher grade sandpaper than what we have left over from the oak cabinets, and some paint. I'm thinking either deep purple or bright teal. If I can find one, I'd like to also replace the emblem on the front.



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