You know it's August when...

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

...the school dreams start up again. Night before last mom took me back to Wheaton to settle me into the dorm. Apparently I had left four tall bookcases of books in the lobby as a library since I didn't want to move them the end of the previous year, and they were all still there but with evidence of having been read. Of course, the dorm didn't look at all like any dorms at Wheaton. My room was number 176, on the third floor, first door on the right after you got off the elevator. Everything was very bright with sunshine and the walls or carpet or something was pale blue. My roommate had already arrived, settled in, and was trying to go to sleep (it was suddenly night). Every dorm room came with a pet raccoon, which ran to the middle of the room and stared at me as I stood in the door talking to my nondescript roommate. After that it was all were-floormates and love magic and clones and weird computer stuff. And gaming friends from Reaper were there too.

Then last night I was a teacher on a field trip returning to Calvin, my Elementary and Middle school in Minnesota. For whatever reason I didn't know which room was mine, so I wandered down the Middle School wing and found my name above two different doors... apparently I was a part time in three different positions. I also wondered if my locker combination still worked. The classrooms looked pretty cool. Then we were preparing for parent night, and I was changing clothes in public, and a youngish male teacher ran into the room I was in and piled a bunch of stuff in the middle of the room and lit it on fire... and a bunch of us were throwing cupfuls of water on it, but it would die and spring back like trick birthday candles. My cats were there too, and I was trying to do all my prep for parent night and not let my boy cats find the other teacher's cats and start a fight.

I have to write a paper today, so we'll see if in tonight's episode I end up as the student or the teacher. It's early yet, odds are still pretty even.


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Life is about changes; transitions from one place to another, from one purpose to another, from one being to another. They say that the person you are today is a completely different person from who you were ten years ago and who you'll be ten years from now. So far, at the age of 33, I've had four major transitions in my life which redefined who I am. Two years into the results of the most recent transition I am again - still - exploring how God is shaping me. Over the next few months I hope to review my past and set goals for the future, and embrace the next adventure of rediscovering me.
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