Mupcakes (Revisted)

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The latest batch was divided into thirds.
  • The first are flat plain chocolate cookies (we ran out of mini muffin tins, so I poured the batter in the cupcake papers and just set them on a cookie sheet),
  • The second have pieces of Snickers bars in the middle. They kind of exploded slightly so that caramel came squirting out the top. Mmmmm.
  • The third have mashed up Thin Mint cookies, this time just in chunks and not ground into the almond base. I also added some extra mint (herb) to strengthen the flavor.
They are all very good, though I think I need to buy some mint extract or oil to really make the mint ones the best. The mint ones also didn't set well for some reason, but I think the heat in my oven is uneven. Lunch this afternoon cooked weird too.

Click for the Mupcake recipe.

I also decided I talk about these enough I want to have a good picture. I've never officially tried food photography before, so the Mupcakes and I did a photo shoot to see what the big deal is. There were four finalists, which went onto Flickr for some feedback. So far, the photo above is the favorite. I rather like it myself.


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